Poem: Isaiah 14

By themolldoll

June 28, 2009

Category: Writing

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Through the innocent blue-green eyes

      of a content little girl

An angel can be seen.

The angel is clothed in a big suit,

        shiny-black shoes, and a boring tie.

His smile is brilliant,

        his words like honey

            his eyes deep, soft, and gentle brown.

As the glorious sun pours

    over the mountians and in through the window

             and over bacon and eggs,

The angel ruffles her hair,

         kisses her head,

And vanishes,

To do battle with the evil of the world,

That may, one day, do her harm.

This is her guardian,

       Her angel,

            Her protector,

                      Her friend.

Years later,

     though her eyes are now green and gold

           and have long since lost their innocence,

The angel can still be seen.

But is he still an angel?

He still wears the big suits,

          the shiny shoes, the bland ties,

But his smile is a mask,

           His promises are hollow,

                    His eyes are void of truth.

He still leaves

         as the sun comes up

                over the house behind hers.

His playfulness is fake,

               his kisses are dodged.

Then he slinks out the door.

With the same briefcase and suitcase,

          he hides from the angels

               fearing the weapon they hold;


This is her enemy,

           Her demon,

                    Her battle,

                         Her tempter.

Would she rather believe the lies,

And see him through the eyes of a child,

As an angel?

Or is she better off knowing the truth?

         Her morning star has fallen from Heaven,

     He as been cast down to earth

             because of his arrogance.

     Her Lucifer will be brought to justice,

                  by the hand of someone who truly is

                           her Angel.


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