Hey all! Thanks for stopping by my humble wordpress blog- an outlet for random musings, images, recipes. Eventually, pending bravery and time, I hope to post some poetry or stories as well. 

My name is Molly, alternately known as Mo, Molls, Mopsy, the Moll-Doll, and ultimately, Mom. I love spending time with my son J, my cat Mouse, and my family and friends. I love cooking, music, photography, the rain, zoos and aquariums, the west coast of Michigan, all kinds of books, Cub Scouting events, camping, movies that make you think (or are based on comic books. . . . ), offbeat humor (Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Monty Python). I am a full-time employee at a medical billing facility, and a full-time student working towards (at this moment) an eventual Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Actuarial Science.

My son, my reason for being, has had struggles with ADHD and a “mild” Autism Spectrum disorder, and I am always looking to learn more about how to utilize his amazing humor, intelligence, and sweet nature to his benefit. I also am a Type 2 diabetic, and have PCOS, and am learning to take care of these within a healthy lifestyle (this does mean diet and exercise, which can be a bit of a struggle). I have struggled with Binge Eating disorder in high school and college, and have had an ongoing journey with depression. 

I am learning to love my town, and am hoping to do some reviews of local places of interest, favorite hangouts, restaurants, and events. 

I hope you enjoy following my postings, in whatever form they may occur. 

God Bless!



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